Listen here to the ACRU symposium

Thinking Sound: From Nature to the Posthuman

Kingston University, 25 May 2016

Eleni Ikoniadou – Introduction: Audio Culture

Paul Hegarty, keynote – The Earth Sublimes, in Terror. A Speculation on a General Ecology of Sound (with Q&A)

Anna Kontopoulou – The Praxis of Political Listening: investigating the ‘relational’ aspects of sound

Alastair Cameron – Unconscious Arithmetic (with Q&A)

Scott Wilson – Crooning in the Alethosphere with Martin Heidegger, Jacques Lacan and Bing Crosby

George Reid – ‘A wild Dalek appeared!’ 8-bit sonic cartography: transformations of media soundtracks through a chiptune aesthetic

Tim Ewers – Ghost Sonata (with Q&A)

Vânia Gala – Maliciously Missing: The potential of the missing performer in choreography

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