March 14th 2016

You are invited to engage in a discussion and performance of creative research. We want to develop effective strategies for explicating the research embedded in our work and communicating it to different audiences (our students, within the university as well as to wider audiences). The afternoon will entail an open rehearsal with our guest ensemble, discussion, and a concert performance of compositions by 3 PASS staff – Drs Ewers, Searby and Ben-Tal.

How can we effectively frame our practice within research narratives? What are the similarities between the processes of research and creative practice;? How do we guide different audiences towards an appreciation of our practice research? We will use 3 examples (as case studies) from Kingston composers as a starting point for a lively, cross-disciplinary discussion of practice, creativity, research, and academic discourse.

Music Department, Kingston University, Kingston Hill KT27LA
March 14th
5-6:30 open rehearsal with Ensemble, Composers, and MA performance students (Coombehurst Studio)
6:30-7:45 Discussion. Using the 3 pieces as a starting point to explore issues of practice as research from ideas to ‘outputs’ (KHCH1006. First floor Coombehurst House)
8pm Concert (Coombehurst Studio)