To think sonically is to act and create within the wider realm of sound, which is not merely the domain of the audible. With the development of technologies operating at the limits of hearing, new politics of sound, vibration and frequency are emerging and are beginning to be mapped by artists and theorists interested in the extra-auditory and interdisciplinary dimensions of sound. Music, sonic and vibrational practices and theories can affect the production of new subjectivities and awaken new sensibilities in the way we experience the world; they can allow us to imagine and execute interventions that disregard, disrupt or hold accountable the dominant socio-political narratives of our time. The (Un)Sound Barrier is a symposium seeking to suggest a new framework through which to rethink how sound might expand to include a number of non-sonic practices and philosophies.

Performances, talks, and discussions will address themes and practices such as voice, noise, aesthetic futurisms, non-normative cultures, fugitivity, speculation, rhythm, vibration, sonic flux, synaesthesia, and more.

Curated by Dr Eleni Ikoniadou and Dr Aura Satz
Assisted by Patricia Puertas

Unsound Barrier documentation can be found here: